Travel In Style: Canadian Style.

7 "Made In Canada" Designs You Need for Your Next Trip Abroad✈

Home is, and will always be Canada for me. I love its unique and unforgiving personality as well as the insane amount of creative genius that lies within it. Feeling the way I do about my home I was sad to read that Canada is actually a haven for knock-off goods! After I attended Toronto's Design Exchange panel discussion surrounding the prevalence of knock-offs in the world of design, I decided that it was time to not only invest in more clothes and accessories made in Canada, but also find the perfect pieces that I could travel abroad with, and show-off how much authentic talent has actually been hiding behind the rack of counterfeits in the city.

Thanks to INLAND - A Canadian Fashion & Apparel Pop-up shop in Toronto, I've discovered the chicest 'Make in Canada' pieces that'll make you feel like a proud, sexy Canadian wherever your next trip abroad takes you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Cassandra Elizabeth

"Cassandra Elizabeth is designed and produced in Canada. Designer, Cassandra Burrell, uses contemporary fabrics to deliver a minimal aesthetic that is not only elegant, but also comfortable. "

Made from 100% bamboo this 'tunic' was my favourite find at the popup shop, here's why it's going to be perfect for your next travel adventure. According to Cassandra you can bunch this tunic into a ball, throw it in your suitcase, leave it in there for a week and it won't wrinkle! Think of how amazing that would be, because really, who has time to iron when travelling the world? Look chic and ready to turn heads as you walk down the streets of Italy for only $165.00 for this Canadian-made "easy to throw on" dress. 

Cassandra Burr recommends also styling tunic this with a pair of ripped jeans and high heels for a cool and sexy layered look.

 (Otherwise known as the one that got away!) 

(Otherwise known as the one that got away!) 

 Cassandra Elizabeth designs at InLand Toronto Spring 2017

Cassandra Elizabeth designs at InLand Toronto Spring 2017

Devlyn van Loon

"An apparel line made proudly in Canada. Each garment is sewn in their Toronto-based studio with love and care."

Crafted from a blend of Italian cotton and silk and made to order in their Toronto studio, this hand-dyed wrap crop will always have a unique dye pattern. I love it for its laid-back and versatile style that works perfectly with a high-waist skirt or pair of jeans. All of this designer's pieces are made by hand with high-end construction techniques using ethical fabrics to ensure each design withstand the tests of time and wear, so when you invest in a Devlyn Van Loon, you're sure to have it for a very long time. 

If you're looking for an alternative to your tank top and shorts for your next sun-filled getaway, you've just found it! (Just try to avoid the red wine sangrias) 

  Devlyn van Loon  at InLand Spring 2017

Devlyn van Loon at InLand Spring 2017

Amanda Maria

"Her minimalist designs are procured from an unwavering sense to create a unique finesse on classic and yet trendy staples in women’s high-end pieces"

There were so many pieces I loved from Amanda Maria's line, but this bad boy here is definitely the one got away. The Motto Jacket is a minimalist fashion piece that is sophisticated and unwaveringly confident with a scandalous edge. A white dress under it would be perfect, but I can also see this trendy piece with a high-waisted pair of white jeans and tank. If you're going to throw $395.00 at anything make it something as worthwhile as this jacket. Not only will it carry you through from spring to fall, you can also throw it over anything to give your outfit a more modern meets classic chic look. 

Be the mysterious foreigner weaving through the busy streets of Tokyo in this Motto Jacket. Also, if you're luck you may even get upgraded to first class on your flight over, you'll definitely look the part!  

Le Daveed | Carry With Purpose

"After searching globally for suitable materials, they were awarded the exclusive North American rights to Heinen Leather, a 125-year-old family-owned tannery in rural Germany renowned for combining exceptional craftsmanship with advanced leather-making technology."

How we've been getting through life without this Travel Duffle designed by LeDaveed, I have no idea. Sleek, simple and elegant this bag is handmade with care in Canada and is as versatile as they get. Snap closures both expand and contract to accommodate your travel needs. Yes it goes for $795.00 but for the quality of this bag that'll you'll cherish for the rest of your travels it's sure to stay in the family for generations. Seriously, your kids/family/friends will be fighting over it long after you're gone. 

 The Travel Duffle by LeDaveed

The Travel Duffle by LeDaveed

Arc Jewellery 

"Arc’s clean forms allow the contemporary woman or man to instill his or her own essence, from understated elegance to bold—yet restrained—statement, into architectural and sometimes modular jewellery for the everyday."

I'm with the group of people who believe that when you're travelling abroad you really shouldn't carry a lot of accessories with you and you should definitely be leaving your grandmothers pearls at home. That being said a minimal piece that will work with every outfit you wear during your trip is definitely a must. Owner of ARCLina Hu, was an official nominee for the 2016 Canadian Arts and Fashion Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Accessory Design and handcrafts each of her pieces in Montreal. Her minimal style pieces are definitely made for the everyday man and woman. 

Elation Lingerie

 Bralette by Elation Lingerie 

Bralette by Elation Lingerie 

"If love is an art, then lingerie is a philosophy." - Elation Lingerie

This little black secret is my favourite piece from Toronto based contemporary lingerie line, Elation Lingerie. Whether you're strolling down the streets of Paris or through the deserts of Jordan you can feel confident and sexy while wearing this lacy bralette. 

Inspired by the city lifestyle, this Canadian lingerie brand is the perfect luxury item, thin enough to sneak into your suitcase. You don't need an occasion to wear exquisite lingerie, but you'll be on holiday, why not feel the joy all the way down to your skin. 

Picturing this bralette in crimson red, midnight blue or lined in Swarovski crystals? Since every item in Elation Lingerie's line is hand-made they're able to fulfill your custom orders. 



Coup De Tête

"Coup de Tête is a collaboration between west coast Hat Maker Jay Mitchell and Toronto Leather Smith Ryan Tavares. The company focuses on one of a kind, handmade pieces that are made entirely in-house and built to last a lifetime."

I never thought I needed my own custom tailored hat until I encountered Coup De Tête. Each hat possess unique character and a noticeable old world meets modern day style. Stand out in the crown whether you're catching your flight, enjoying a café along the city streets of Rome or waving farewell to the kind concierge at your favourite boutique hotel. 

I didn't purchase all of these pieces at INLAND unfortunately there were a few I had to let go of (for now...) but if you decide to invest in these super chic designs be sure to Tweet me your pics! 

Content influenced by: Toronto's Design Exchange "Get Real" panel discussion. Toronto's InLand popup shop and the amazing designers that populate my city & country. #Tdot<3