Millennials & Your Hotel

Home-sharing businesses and hotels  have their minds set on one thing these days. Millennials. Of all the content I've read, ultimately I'll have to agree with Brian Solomon on the topic. He makes a really cool statement that Airbnb And Hotels Need Each Other, They Just Don't Know It Yet. Whereas Airbnb is already taking the steps to professionalizing their brand experience, some hotels still need to step it up and join us in the 21st century. 

Here are the 8 ways your hotel or home-sharing listing can draw in more millennials.  

(1) Become a Storytelling Specialist

Want to bring the people to you? Then you need to learn how to maximize your content. Perfect the art of storytelling and you'll be unstoppable. Here are two resources that will guarantee your content will be both easy to find and easy to read. (1) Millennials hate stock photos, if that's all you've got you may want to pay a visit to CrowdRiff. Their job is to help you harness the power of visuals to attract new visitors, influencers and happy guests. You can now get the best visuals, secure the rights and organize your photos on an easy to use platform and publish them on your website all in one place.

To be at the top of Google search, you need to have amazing content and SEO, Wriber can help you with both and more. Both evaluate and optimized your website content all in one place. Whether you're looking to integrate a couple of Tweets from people who loved their stay at your place into your post, make sure your readability is up to standards or make sure your SEO keywords are all in check, you'll find everything you need with the content optimization platform. 

Tip: Always update your content! By not updating your content you're doing your own brand a disservice. Just be yourself, tell the truth and you will be rewarded. 

(2) Add a Reviews/Comment Section

Millennials want recommendations for two reasons. (1) They want proof that guests actually enjoyed their stay there. (2) They want to know hacks and cool things they should do when they get there so they can make the most out of their experience. Think about Airbnb's review section and star rating on each listing. Not only does it highlight the best features of your property, it also lets you know how your guests are feeling so you can respond and make any necessary changes. 

(3) Remember: You're Marketing to Business Travellers

Stop thinking of millennials as young bucks who splurge on avocado and toast. They're growing to become the next CEOs. They're not looking for 1980s style business centres, they want co-op spaces and free Wi-Fi. Make having funky open shared spaces with decent wifi and printers your priority if you're hoping to market to millennial business travellers. 

(4) Do You Have the Nutritional Upper Hand?

Do you have an in-house farm-to-table restaurant? Is there a nearby vegan restaurant that will change the life of your guests? Highlight it in your content and social media posts. Not only are millennials growing in their sophistication, they're becoming parents too. Buying locally sourced ingredients with no chemicals or added preservatives is kind of the thing these days. (Ask any mom blogger) 

(5) Bring Out the Local Charm

Is your property located five minutes away from a winery? Is your local city full of amazing things your guests can do and see while still being really close to their conference location? Include it in your content. Everyone wants to know what makes your location special. A creative way to do this is to also to make a small guide in your listing or dedicate a page to it on your hotel website. 

(6) Create an Email List

If you want to instil customer loyalty, email marketing is definitely a step you want to take. Email is the number one way millennials want to keep up with their brand. The Harvard Business Review agrees that email is the best way to reach millennials. Remember these four things when creating your email marketing plan. (1) Less is more. Don't spam their inbox make sure your content is exclusive and genuine. (2) Timing is everything. Experiment with sending emails first thing in the morning or late in the evening with content relevant to that time of day. (3) Mobile is a must. Make sure that you're using a responsive design, you want your content to be as easy to read on mobile as it is on their computers. (4) Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

(7) Offer A Loyalty Program

If you want to draw in more loyal millennials, you need to show your value. Give them something for their time and attention reading your content. (A free drink at the pool helps). Millennials will be fiercely loyal to you if you can cater to their needs values and preferences, really show that you care. Technology based loyalty programs will be your best friend, and theirs. Your goal is to create personalized product and service recommendations, discounts and promotions. (ex. redeem their points on wine, food etc.)

(8) Don't Charge for Wi-Fi

Wifi at your hotel has to be free, and it has to be fast. This should be a given and not classified as an extra luxury charge.