The 6 People You'll Fall For On Your Next Travel Adventure

Travel is an extraordinary adventure for more reasons than one. You discover more about yourself, you succumb to your basic needs and drift in a way you inherently wish you could with every part of your life. Whether you've travelled for 1 week or 1 year it's likely that you've stumbled upon a few romantic encounters. Realizing how big the world is; the people you'll never meet and those chance encounters, it's easy to be taken on an emotional roller coaster. 

For your entertainment, I've developed a list of the 6  heartthrobs you may meet during your trip abroad: who to avoid, and who to let in.  *Spoiler Alert: The last one will change the game. 

(1) The Backpacker

They're an adventurer, his/her mind has been opened and conversations with them will never be boring. They're okay with silence and embrace the spontaneity you're willing to bring to the table as well. Let this person in as a friend and let the relationship grow as it may. The Backpacker is a YES in my books. You're guaranteed to make a cool new friend who is as travel focused as you. Also, if you're a person who likes to keep things moving, your encounter will be short so hearts aren't likely to get broken. 

(2) The Cruise Ship Hottie:

You're young, he's from Peru, has a gorgeous accent, long dark hair it's forbidden so of course you're curious. MAJOR AVOID, HIT THE DECK!. Tourists come onto the ship all the time and 9.75 times out of 10 all they're looking for is an easy lay during the next stop. On top of all of that it's against their policy, if he's caught he could get fired. You really need to avoid this person. Now, dating a guy/or girl who used to work on a cruise ship is a HUGE YES. If you think retail makes you humble, make a friend who used to work on a cruise ship. Customers can be mean, but try dealing with people who think they're entitled to treat staff horribly because they paid big money for their vacation. It's not easy. 

(3a) The Good Local

If you're the kind of traveller I aspire to be, (the Scott Wilson <3 and Justin Lukach of the backpacker community), you like to venture off the beaten path. Being in a community that doesn't get as many tourist as other areas (Ex. Cuba, Paris, etc.) means you'll encounter a few more people who don't make a living off taking advantage of tourist (cruise ship hottie, I'm looking at you). A good local emulates the positives of their hometown, loving it even through its faults. They're a part of their city. This person just wants to take you out for a glass of wine at a nice bar overlooking the ocean. Get to know you. He/She’s NORMAL thankfully and the two of you may end up really hitting it off, and keeping in touch! Not only were they sane and sexy, and showed you a great time, but now you have a new friend who lives abroad! Having connections in different parts of the world is never a bad thing. The good local is a YES, two thumbs up!

(3b) The Bad Local

They're the suspicious smooth-talker, and upon meeting you only two hours ago just happen to be head over heels. Obviously, this 'chance encounter' was fate. Now it's your destiny to get away as quickly as possible. This person't clingy, doesn't respect your space and comes off as a bit insane.  Guys and girls please don't fall for this classic trick, don't fall for the bad local. NO!

(4) The Business Traveller:

Life just got a little more interesting with the business travellers hanging around. Not only are Millennials populating the mass of this demographic, what I love about meeting business travellers is that most of them are passionate about their line of work. "Reading into the numbers" has never really been my thing, but think about how a person's face lights up when they talk about something they love. If you meet a business traveller like that, don't be afraid to say yes when they ask you to join them for lunch. - YES

(5) The Tour Guide:

I know what you're thinking "ohhhh scandolous!" chill guys, the tour guide is a YES depending on of course like every other person on this list, what kind of person they are. Is he a douche? No? Then go for it. Is she friendly and down to earth? Yes? Then what's holding you back? All of the tour guides I've met have been super cool people so definitely don't blow that flame out. Who knows, you may even get a free solo tour out of it ;) - MAYBE/YES

(6) Yourself

Ohhhh plot twist. I know, I just dropped the mic. Travelling is all about getting to know yourself. So, whether you're heading out on a solo adventure or breaking away from your travel group for a day, don't forget to focus on you. Stepping out of your usual life is a great opportunity to rediscover your religious/spiritual side, so no matter your belief remember that you're never truly alone. <3 '- ALWAYS YES