Paris for Dreamers Flying Solo

I have never met a traveller who didn't spend their childhood dreaming of Paris. Granted, the travellers that I have met weren't from the 'city of love', but I would still say that imagining a day, a year or even a lifetime in Paris, France has become almost a right of passage for every dreamer turned traveller. One of the best ways to experience Paris and other regions of France is as a solo traveller. When given the next opportunity to begin a new tour of Paris during my solo travelling adventure, this is how I'd make the most of every minute. 

Where to stay

When vacationing in Paris it's always good to go for the best your budget can handle, this is especially important for female travellers. If I had more bank I would definitely stay at the Shangri La Hotel in Paris (just because I could!) but alas, I am but another recent university grad from Canada, so I looked to the Top 20 Paris Vacation Rentals on Airbnb and narrowed it down to this beautiful apartment in the heart of Paris! 

I love everything about this listing! It's bright, airy, and minimal chic, everything I appreciate in a good Airbnb listing. Laura is apparently amazing as well with over 100 reviews and a 5 star rating! Guests seem to have enjoyed this apartment's open concept, Laura's kindness and above all else the amazing location (Paris, Île-de-France, France). 

I can't say enough good things about Laura's place! She was so kind and welcoming when we arrived and was very easy to communicate with. The apartment was very clean and the bed and pillows were comfortable! She went above and beyond! The streets in that area are beautiful and there are several grocery stores right around the corner (the kitchen has plenty of dishes and pots and pans as well as an electric kettle for tea, so we cooked for ourselves both nights). Right near the metro station, and a quick scenic 15 minute walk from Notre Dame. Highly recommended! I can't wait to come back! - Taylor February 2017


If you haven't heard of Flytographer yet you've obviously been living under a rock... and I was probably your next-door neighbour because I just discovered them too. With Flytographer you can book a local photographer to capture your amazing memories while travelling abroad. 30 minutes with a photographer costs $250.00 and 60 minutes (the most booked session) costs $350.00. In my opinion, this is money well spent for solo travellers. (Flytographer operates in over 200 cities worldwide). I mean really, there's only so many selfies you can take on a vacation. 

I love how Flytographer makes my life as a solo traveller so much easier! I get to have amazing photos as the best souvenirs from my trips, without having to awkwardly ask strangers to take them for me.
— Kathleen

I conducted my own research and decided after much observation that if I were to book a photo shoot through Flytographer right now for my trip to Paris, I would choose either Lucille or Olga to be my photographer. Not only do they seem super cool, but from their reviews it seems like making people feel comfortable in front of a camera is their specialty.

Lucille was amazing - made us feel very comfortable and gave great direction. Absolutely the best!
— Stephanie
Olga was simply amazing! I loved working with her and if I was ever in Paris would love to shoot again with her. She made it fun and let us be ourselves. She has an artistic talent and great eye for capturing the perfect moment.
— Monica

Also, Flytographer's blog post Puppies, Pastries & Pretty In Paris (a fun read) introduced me to Jackie Kai Ellis owner of The Paris Tours and Beaucoup Bakery & Café in Vancouver, CA. The photos from her shoot with Lucille were definitely the deciding factor! 

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where to eat

This list could go on for days...luckily I did some research and discovered an article by Bon Appétit that documents the 6 great meals for one in Paris, as recommended by Alexander Lobrano author of Hungry for Paris: The Ultimate Guide to the City's 109 Best Restaurants (what happened to the 110th, I don't know...). My favourite on the list is a wine bar across the street from Frenchie (a place that's nearly impossible to get into), owned and operated by the same chef, Gregory MarchandCheck out their menu.

For a dessert tour...

Join our new friend Jackie Kai Ellis on The Paris Tours to discover the best pâtisseries and chocolate shops she could find in Paris. These tours are only offered when Jackie is in Paris, so you'll have to keep an eye out for her next availability, but if she could impress a local Parisian like Lucille from Flytographer

Heading on a solo trip to Paris? Tweet me your experience, I'd love to hear about your adventures!

Paris is always a good idea!
— Audrey Hepburn