6 Types of Millennial Travellers (And How to Draw Them In)

1. The Digital Nomad


You know that feeling of dread you get in your stomach when you spill, or even come close to spilling any type of liquid on your computer? Times that by a million and you've got the life of a Digital Nomad.  Digital Nomads (DNs) are travellers that use the internet and technology to work from anywhere in the world. Among the DN community you often encounter (1) Freelancers, people who use their skills, for example coding, writing or running social media campaigns to find work and manage their clients online. (2) The Entrepreneur (3) Travel Bloggers, those who have made travel writing their lives. They're considered tastemakers and often are paid by hotel chains and brands to test out and review their products/locations.

Digital Nomads usually have a strong online presence and social following. The best sites to find the best influencer for your brand is through (and to be seen by companies looking for digital nomads) is About.Me and Muck Rack ***Edit: I recently discovered Tribe as well!***

2. The Bleisure Traveller (Business + Leisure)

Love the idea of combining work with pleasure? (In a completely appropriate manner) So do Bleisure travellers. Whether they're sneaking in some site seeing during their business trip to Japan, or staying in Italy for an extra week, the perfect way to celebrate signing that big deal, the Bleisure traveller knows how to 'turn up' or wind down with a decent size glass of wine when the time is right. 

"Never waste a trip abroad" a great tip from your neighbourhood Bleisure traveller.

Hotels trying to draw in Bleisure travellers should highllight their high speed in-room internet access, business lounges and meeting rooms, while also promoting deals and travel rewards points opportunities. Two hotels that do a really good job of catering to this travel group is the Shangri La Hotel  and The Marriott

3. The Volunteer

There are some breeds of travellers who use volunteer opportunities as a reason to travel and/or simply like the idea of being introduced to other people right off the bat, especially if they'll be staying in an unfamiliar country. From volunteer healthcare practitioners to, people who travel to work in orphanages or want to preserve and enhance biodiversity in countries that need it, or even volunteers at Olympic games, you'll always find volunteer travellers. 

If you're looking for volunteers, I'd recommend speaking at a university/college fair or even posting an ad through Facebook or Instagram. That's how you'll reach your primary audience. 

4. The Solo Traveller

♪♪♪All by myselfffff  ♪♪ I have such admiration for solo travellers, it takes a lot of courage, but the amount of growth you get from an experience like that is amazing. Solo travellers don't let anything hold them back. Maybe they've dreamed of traveling to Ireland for their entire life, and woke up one day and just said "f*ck it." I'm going. Then they did and had the adventure of a lifetime. I strongly believe that everyone should travel solo at some point in their lives. Life is to short not to experience everything the world has to offer. 

They're a hostel and Airbnb room sort of people. If you're a hostel, boast about your community/social space rooms or how close you are to bars or local attractions. They want authentic, so show them why you're unique. 

5. The Heiress

Whether they're travelling first class or jetting to their favourite vacation destination, the heiress lays it down every way. You'll catch them at the local Four Seasons, maybe penthouse if Justin Bieber hasn't already booked it. They've got money to spend and they'll definitely spend it, souvenirs for everyone (you get a car, and you get a car!) #HeiressesofInstagram #RichKidsofInstagram or whatever else hashtag they'll use. You can find them on many and any social media feed. 

How to target this group? Boast your exclusiveness. 

6. The "It's A Special Occasion Let's Make The Most of This" Traveller

Nobody loves 12 hour layovers as much as this brand of traveller. In their world of painstaking money saving, they're ecstatic to use this once-in-a couple-of-years opportunity to make the most of their mini travel adventure.  Whether they're out of town for a bachelor/ette party, wedding or family get-together, they've planned their time wisely because they don't know when they'll experience this freedom again! 

If you're looking to draw them in advertise your prices and deals. No once-in-a-while traveller loves anything more than a good deal to make the most out of their trip for half the price.