Vacation Like A Sommelier

4 Places I Would Vacation If I Were A Sommelier


There's over 1300 identified grape varieties and 100,000s wines come out each years... Thank god for Sommeliers. 

Sommeliers are the people at restaurants who take care of wine. They know everything there is to know about different wines, including the stories each bottle holds. You can think of Sommeliers like master storytellers. When they approach a patron at a restaurant, they have the power to transport them from their table to a vineyard on some hill in Europe. So how exactly do Sommeliers spend their vacations. I have zero clue, but I can say how & where I would spend my time away if I were a Sommelier. 

1. Alsace, France

Great wine must have a sense of balance, complexity, delicacy, sense of place, ability to age and yumminess. It's for all of these reasons that Sommeliers have a love affair with Riesling. Somehow there is a misconception that all Rieslings and sweet. That's not true. Rieslings are crisp, high in acid, and it's mineral. Alsace, France is the holy grail of Rieslings. 

As a vacationing Somm, Alsace would be at the top of my list. 

2. At a SPA Retreat

Everyone needs a breather, especially when you work in the customer service industry. Free wine or not, a spa retreat would definitely be in my near future. Where would I go? Hands down, The Connaught, specifically the UK location. It's sleek, ritzy and a balance between minimal and contemporary. 

3. drinking whisky & sake in japan

A life of wine definitely calls for a bottle of whisky, maybe two, and my favourite just so happens to be whisky of the Japanese variety. If I were a sommelier I'd spend it at a Nishimuraya Honkan - Kinosaki Onsen, a place that lives and breathes tradition. Spending a week soaking in the hot springs, drinking whisky, of course sake and dining on Japanese cuisine would be perfection. 

4. At the beach

I would be running away to Bathsheba Beach, Barbados to chill on this gorgeous beach! Sipping margaritas and fruity tequila and rum filled drinks at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion would be a great break after drinking bottles of wine as a full-time sommelier. I can hear the coconuts now...

 Picture courtesy of  CN Traveler

Picture courtesy of CN Traveler