This isn't a travel blog. 

That would insinuate that I am anything but a wannabe wanderer, which of course I am. In my 22 years of living I've traveled abroad only twice, visiting 6 stereotypical tourist cities outside of my home country. I guess that's more than a lot of people can say, but because of my eccentric personality, enigmatic tendencies and admittedly sheltered lifestyle, my short visits abroad left me wanting more.

So I did what any suburban girl just out of university with the travel bug would do. The responsible thing. I got a job and locked my travel dreams away until I could afford it. 

You see, the travel experience I wanted wasn't a week long trip to some exotic resort (well, only a trip to some exotic resort.), I wanted to stay abroad for at least 1 month, work for 6, then book a flight and do it all over again. 

Then I realized the problem. I was a graduate with massive debts, who genuinely wanted to build a professional career and grow with a company for at least 3 years. 

The Wannabe Travel Diary was born out of my want to nurture my talents and need to see the world. 

Just because the travel journey hasn't officially begun doesn't mean I can't still write about the things that are close to my heart. A wise person once said "Be Obsessed With Something". My 'something' is wine, food, travel, art, interior design and everything in between. 

So welcome to my blog, it's one big happy diary of dreams and inspiration. 

You're gonna love. 

Your Wannabe Wanderer.